Anchoring Script in English for School Morning Assembly PDF

Hello Students, Today we are coming with an Anchoring Script in English for School Morning Assembly PDF for all students and teachers. You can use this script as per your requirement. So let’s start.

School Morning Assembly Anchoring Script

[Meera is the host of this School Morning Assembly]

Meera: “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”

Good morning All…

Meera: Respected Principal, teachers ,and my classmates. My name is Meera and I am going to conduct Morning School Assembly today for class 9 A students.

“A beautiful morning starts off beautifully

We salute all the Gurus

Praying new energy is channeled

Come join hands and close your eyes and thank God for this life.”


Meera: If the day starts with good thoughts, then the whole day will be good…

So now, I invite Sangeeta, a student of Class VII, for Today’s Good thought

[Good Thought/suvichar]


“Effort becomes faith, faith joins the wire of success and this success is the beginning of ability in human beings.”

Meera: Thank you, Sangeeta for your thought.

News makes us aware of the current affairs of the country and abroad and develops our knowledge continuously and continuously, so I invite class VIII student Sachin to read the news.

[News reading]

Meera: Thanks for the news Sachin.

The ocean of knowledge is endless. We should take it for granted and general knowledge is an integral part of our life and is very useful for everyday life.

Now I invite Bhushan for general knowledge information.

[General knowledge]

Meera: Thanks, Bhushan,

Now I invite Mithali, a student of class 10, to the Question and answer round.

[Question and answer round]

Meera: Thanks, Mithali for the interesting questions.

The story is a structure that is interesting and enticing to the mind and provides beneficial acknowledgment. Now I invite Mahesh, a class 9 class student, to read the story.

[Story telling]

Meera: Thank you Mahesh for the beautiful moral story

National Anthem is a song that inculcates the sense of patriotism in every Indian. It is not just associated with our feelings but is a symbol of our pride and honor.

I have requested to all please stand up and start the national anthem together.

[National Anthem]

Meera: Thanks, everyone

May your day be blessed, this is the end of today’s morning assembly.

Now everybody Will departs for class in a straight line.

Thank you.

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