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Hello Aspirants, Today we are going to provide you Best Daily Current affair ebook in PDF form. And that is Insight IAS Current Affairs.  This PDF is the hallmark of the Insight IAS. Every year thousands of students utilize to improve their general and current affairs knowledge.

INSIGHT IAS is India’s premier research, and training institution, which continuously innovates to help Civil Service aspirants actualize their dreams through ‘integrated efforts’ of Interactive learning system, Teamwork, Technology & Innovation.

Key facts

Insight IAS monthly current affairs are sponsored by Insight IAS. It gives different shades of opinion and perspectives on any matter and thereby presents a balanced picture.

  • Covers important social issues
  • Covers many topics including current affairs important for Essay and GS papers in UPSC Mains
  • the Insight IAS monthly magazine also helps in the UPSC personality test/interview
  • It contains credible information as it comes from the government itself–hence, can be safely used in the UPSC exam
  • It generally gives both sides of the coin, i.e., both the pros and cons of an issue
  • Topics covered include polity, governance, schemes, agriculture, economy, international relations, federalism, budget, banking, etc.
  • Recommended by most IAS toppers


There are many leading magazines that focus on Daily current affairs and General Knowledge But Insight “IAS Current affair PDF” is different. This magazines beautifully categorize the articles with its genres to make it interesting to read on.

So if you are preparing for competitive exams then this magazine is very important for you.

Book Name:Insight IAS Current Affairs
Size:5 MB
Total Number of Pages:80 Quality Pages
Format:PDF file
Writer/OwnerInsight IAS

Download Insights monthly current affairs magazine PDF below.